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Internal/ Eternal is an ongoing, open artistic collaboration focused on creating supportive environments that allow artists to transcend boundaries by removing artificial barriers to artistic expression — barriers such as genre limitations, venue constraints, and the economics of performance. Our goal is to create improvised works that we have not yet heard or seen, but that remain accessible for all audiences regardless of their conceptions of “art” or “music.” We facilitate free-flowing collaborations with fellow artists that utilize diverse forms of media, fusing art, language and music. We illuminate the myriad possibilities that become available when performers, artists and viewers unite around a shared goal of building creations (and communities) moment to moment through improvisation.

Our practice breaks the conventional dichotomy between audience and performer by encouraging a broader definition of collaboration for which all present are fully activated participants in the expression. A performance should not be a static event with strictly defined roles for everyone present in the room — rather, it should be a celebration, with each person bringing their attention and energy to bear on the work as it evolves in real time.

Implicit in our multifaceted approach to performances, constant rotation of artistic collaborators, and encouragement to fully utilize performance spaces is a firm sense of invitation to each artist in the collective to create something wholly new, to expand their artistic repertoire, and exceed their creative horizons.

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